Exclusive Interview with a Jurassic World Survivor

Blue the Raptor drinks an ice cold Coca-Cola.

Pictured Above: Share a Coke with a Legend. Blue, the sweetheart of Jurassic World’s secretive “Raptor Squad” training program, was hand-fed ice cold Coca-Cola as a baby.

In the months following the extraordinarily terrifying incident at Jurassic World, the park’s thousands of visitors have been silent about what happened that day. Zach Mitchell joins Wafflehaus in part one of this exclusive interview.

Wafflehaus: Thanks for sharing your story with us today, Mr. Mitchell.

Zach Mitchell: No prob. You know, it was really cool.

WH: What in particular?

ZM: The whole experience. I was real shook up right after it happened, but now all the girls at school are asking about it. I’m kind of a big deal.

WH: What about your little brother? Has this brought you closer to him?

ZM: Yeah. When I bring him along as my wingman, we are an unstoppable team. We go to Jimmy Buffet’s Margaritaville on Thursday Nights for happy hour appetizers. You know, the one on the corner of Fifth and Commercial? The girls think there’s something really cute about how he tells the story.

WH: Did you have any concerns when your parents sent you on this trip of a lifetime? It sounds like it was the furthest you’d ever travelled without your parents.

ZM: Well, I mean, we went to lots of summer camps. We were both used to it, and Gray just lives for this stuff. Plus, we had our cellphones, which were connected to the always-reliable Verizon Wireless network. We’d never settle for less.

WH: Had they ever sent you away on a plane before?

ZM: No, this was the first time. It was a really long flight, and I’m glad I had my Beats by Dre headphones to drown out everything on the flight. We had to do a lot of walking in the airport, too, so I’m glad I wore my most comfortable pair of Converse All Star Chuck Taylor Sneakers.

WH: It sounds like you saw the situation unwind very quickly. The Jurassic World park was unlike anything the world has ever seen. Did you get to enjoy any attractions before the trouble began?

ZM: [laughs] We did get to go to Starbucks. Gray wanted to go see the dinosaurs right away, but I needed my venti Caffè Latte.

WH: Did you get to see any of the dinosaur shows? Did you feel safe?

ZM: Me and Gray felt totally safe, until the park shut down and that giant T-Rex thing showed up and our Samsung phones got knocked out of reach. It almost ate us, and it was real scary, but I got us away safely.

WH: Indominus Rex?

ZM: Yeah. That thing. Dominant Rex.

WH: Did you know that such a deadly and controversial animal was kept on the island?

ZM: We did not.

Look out for part two of this interview, coming soon to Wafflehaus.