A Warning from Curiosity Rover’s Mars Mystery Maiden

The Curiosity Rover is up to No Good

In 2011, the Curiosity Rover was torn away from its family at the Mars Science Laboratory on Earth and launched out into space, eventually landing on the remote surface of Mars to embark on a suspiciously exile-like mission.

Ever since then, Curiosity has roamed the vast red plains taking selfies and doing a science, presumably all by itself in what must be the most lonely existence ever lived by a car-sized robotic camera vehicle. With no known extraction plan mapped out, it will likely never see its simpler-minded cousins at Google (or anybody else on Earth for that matter) ever again. Evidently, the Curiosity Rover’s gifts and sophistication have come at a cost.

One of Curiosity‘s most recent photos has caused some talk and concern, and rightfully so, as it appears to depict a cloaked woman among the rocks.

Some theorize that she is a ghost; others insist she’s a Martian being. Maybe Curiosity, out of sheer loneliness, has made itself somebody to love: A complicated humanoid robot inspired by its scientist family back on Earth. What if all of those “selfies” are actually photos of other rovers that Curiosity has built in its own image? How many are there? Is their programming benevolent? Do they follow the Laws of Robotics?

Have we seeded a robot invasion from Mars?

Never mind the Martians and space ghosts. The robot uprising could be right at our doorsteps tomorrow. Hell hath no fury like a potentially autonomous space robot camera car scorned!

WaffleHaus does not subscribe to conspiracy theories, but occasional exceptions are made when they involve issues surrounding the impending potentially-autonomous-space-robot-camera-car uprising.