Splatoon Stays Fresh

An Inkling Girl leaps through the air with suction bombs

“Stay Fresh!” This advice greets players every time they spin up their Splatoon game on the Wii U. The game sets a stage filled with little hipster Squid-Kid avatars who are all striving to be the best at what they do, be it in Turf War or the more competitive Ranked mode.

It’s a cute catch phrase, but it’s also something that Nintendo themselves have taken to heart in their colorful and inky entry into the shooter genre. Since Splatoon’s release, the developers at Nintendo have been delivering a steady stream of new content in the form of maps and weapons to keep every Inkling on their toes. The game’s weapons range from what look like Super Soakers to giant paint rollers and buckets of ink. There are weapons to compliment a wide array of play styles, and the nature of the gameplay modes creates an environment that embraces the fact that people will approach the game from unique perspectives.

As the objectives are always more complicated than simply wiping out the other team, a team of Splatoon players must be innovative, creative, and flexible in order to be successful as a unit. Finding a weapon that compliments one’s style is only the first step. They must then find out what niche they fill in a given team.

In Splatoon, the path to success is always built on intuition, observation, and quick thinking.

Game lobbies in Splatoon consist of players from all around the world, and those players must figure out how to work as a unit without the aid of a chat system. The path to success is always built on intuition, observation, and quick thinking. Players must take their own weapon, gear, and play style into account while watching both teams closely to determine how to be most effective. Critics declared that the game’s lack of voice chat would doom it from the beginning, but this omission has instead proven part of the Splatoon’s charm.

Splatoon isn’t for everybody, but it sure does attract and maintain a crowd of diverse thinkers who approach matches from unique angles. It has elements that please fans of classic shooters, puzzle games, adventure games, and strategy games. Its well-earned online following gathers on Miiverse, Reddit, and Squidboards, among other places.

Splatoon brings a diverse player group together in a stylish, vibrant, and endearing world. People will be talking about this game for a long time to come!