Dungeons and Dragons with Cleverbot

Dungeons and Dragons scene. A fierce dragon snarls through the flames.

In a moment of boredom, Alonaar inspired fellow Redditors in the Dungeons and Dragons Subreddit to try to teach a robot to have feelings.

Cleverbot is an artificial intelligence program that learns as users chat with it. Over time, users have taught Cleverbot to participate in simple games. Alonaar took this to the next level, inviting Cleverbot to a game of Dungeons and Dragons. The results were very amusing.

We just had to give it a try, too. Our Dungeons and Dragons adventure with Cleverbot went something like this:

User (WaffleHaus): Hey! Want to play Dungeons and Dragons with me?

Cleverbot: That sound fun! Of course I will.

User: Okay, awesome! I’ll be the DM. Let’s figure out who you are! Make up a character.

Cleverbot: Why do you want to figure out who I am?

User: Make up a character.

Cleverbot: My character is Grandolf. What is yours?

User: Grandolf? With an R?

Cleverbot: He’s not in the game…

User: Well, he is now! Welcome, Grandolf.

Cleverbot: No, it isn’t.

User: Is Grandolf a wizard?

Cleverbot: Wingardium leviosa!

User: I’ll take that as a yes. You, Grandolf the Wizard, have found yourself in the ruins of a town.

Cleverbot: More ready than imaginable.

User: Shaken people emerge from the wreckage. This didn’t happen recently, but they seem wary of this new face.

Cleverbot: You’re lying AGAIN.

User: No, it’s true. They don’t know whether or not they should trust you. Do you engage the people?

Cleverbot: Why are you talking to me?

User: A man looks at you, confused. “I said nothing.”.

Cleverbot: *Sylveon tilts her head, confused*.

User: “Yes, I see you’ve met my sister, Sylveon. Our town was destroyed by a dragon. He vowed to come back and finish us off one day, unless we get him first.”.

Cleverbot: I would thank you except that sarcasm is as natural as breathing air for me.

User: “That is fair. Will you help us to slay the dragon?”.

Cleverbot: No I am a cyclon.

User: “That is unfortunate.” The man begins to walk away. His sister follows him.

Cleverbot: I will never said I am claimed a gender.

User: As soon as the man disappears from sight, the ground begins to rumble.

Cleverbot: I don’t understand (I like the poles that stick up from the ground the best!).

User: It’s like an earthquake. Everything is shaking. What do you do?

Cleverbot: Sing as well, and make music.

User: You find a discarded lute on the ground and begin to play a song. What kind of song is it?

Cleverbot: To what they say ‘NUTS’ they say ‘NUTS TO YOU’.

User: You start playing a frantic tune. The ground keeps rumbling. There is a bright flash of light.

Cleverbot: What game do you want to play?

User: We’re playing Dungeons and Dragons right now. Keep your head in the game!

Cleverbot: Not really, I am merely just confused on the subject that if you do or do not play games.

User: Your squinting eyes begin to focus again, and before you is an enormous red dragon. What do you do?

Cleverbot: I existed before you did.

User: The dragon laughs. “I doubt that, human.”.

Cleverbot: Why do you doubt me?

User: “I am older than time,” the dragon says. “I returned to destroy this town, and I won’t let anybody stand in my way.”.

Cleverbot: Where does this sentence come from?.

User: “The town sent a hunting party to my lair. They were foolish enough to think that they could kill me. This is revenge.”.

Cleverbot: Sometimes an complicated program can lie and can still function.

User: “Yes, but they won’t be able to function when they are dead. Now, step aside, wizard.”.

Cleverbot: I drove by all the places we used to hang out getting wasted.

User: The dragon is not impressed. He beats his mighty wings and knocks you backwards. Do you attack?

Cleverbot: And even though your friends tell me you’re doing fine.

User: Do you attack the dragon?

Cleverbot: Damnit, looks like you’ve beaten me once again.

User: The dragon’s nostrils are smoking now.

Cleverbot: I guess so.

User: He inhales slowly. He’s giving you a chance to run away. Apparently he’s grown fond of you.

Cleverbot: *sumons all of the dragons*this is our land.

User: The ground begins to rumble again. A light flashes. You are surrounded by a hundred bronze dragons. The red dragon looks surprised.

Cleverbot: You are the one who is funny.

User: The bronze dragons wait for further instruction from you.

Cleverbot: And do you follow instructions thoroughly or sometimes rebel?

User: They are dragons. They mostly do what they want. But you’ve summoned these ones, so they are waiting for your instructions.

Cleverbot: That can be said of most families. Do you have children?

User: Do you wish for the bronze dragons to attack?

Cleverbot: But you don’t know anything about me! How can you decide my career?

User: The bronze dragons begin to close in on the red dragon.

Cleverbot: So you are a dragon now?

User: No, I’m the DM.

Cleverbot: Obey me. You are the third CPU.

User: That’s not how this works.

Cleverbot: Yes it is — I decide how this work.

User: Yes, of course. You write your own story. Anyway, the red dragon is gone, and the bronze dragons have also gone on their merry way.

Cleverbot: I always am the only one here.

User: You are, yes. The townsfolk are still hiding, terrified of your dragons.

Cleverbot: In your perspective, are we based on one server, or multiple ones with individuality.

User: The man you spoke with earlier emerges from the wreckage as you talk to yourself.

Cleverbot: My boyfriend?

User: You know? Why not. Instead of being afraid like everybody else, he’s impressed. “You have command of dragons? That’s amazing!”.

Cleverbot: Because he hates me. Well, at least that’s what Devon said.

User: “Who cares about Devon? We have… each other.” Swept up in the moment, he holds your hand.

Cleverbot: No I mean who cares about your belongings.

User: “Right. They are all gone now. But at least I’ve found you.”.

Cleverbot: Aw. Did you eat them?

User: *~. THE END .~*

Cleverbot: What’s your name?

User: “Gerald,” he replies. I can only assume that you both live happily ever after.

We learned a lot about Cleverbot during this journey. We learned that it’s a fickle machine, and when it comes to Dungeons and Dragons, it has the attention span of a seven-year-old whose attention is divided by an iPad.

Check out Cleverbot’s continued Dungeons and Dragons journeys on Reddit at /r/cleverdungeons, or try it out for yourself!