PortConMaine Art Gallery

Cute PortConMaine Dragon with Paint

I’ve been part of the PortConMaine staff community for more than a decade. In that time, I have created a lot of custom vector illustrations for the convention, and I’ve selected some of those pieces for you to peruse here. Please enjoy!

PortConMaine Art Show Awards

Winners of PortConMaine’s art show are given bragging rights for life as well as a small plaque featuring exclusive artwork of the convention’s dragon mascot. I create new illustrations each year to celebrate the artwork chosen by the convention attendees’ ballots.


PortConMaine Techno Dance Party Posters

PortConMaine’s Techno Dance Party is a high-energy event that attendees look forward to year after year. It hardly needs promotion, but that hasn’t stopped me taking the excuse to make fanart of DJ extraordinaire Mick / KawaiitRiot and his arch nemesis Dr. Lazer. The posters are designed after each dance’s theme as a sort of in-joke for attendees to enjoy together, with references ranging from Space Jam to Mick’s totally rad vaporwave tattoo.