Sketchbook: Fluffy, Catling Rogue

Dungeons and Dragons Homebrew Catling

Before the Tabaxi were introduced to Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition, players had to homebrew their own cat humanoid species. Enter Crowley’s “Catling,” a small creature with bonuses to dexterity and adorableness. 

As her name suggests, Fluffy came from humble beginnings. Her well-meaning adoptive human parents brought what they thought was an abandoned kitten home from the marketplace. To their surprise, the kitten began to walk and talk after a few months. They assumed that their pet must be a powerful sorcerer in disguise. Isolated from her furry bean-toed people, Fluffy came to believe that she was once human but had been cursed into this form. She embarked on a quest to lift the curse, becoming a formidable trickster rogue in the process. Along the way, she learned magic spells and attributed them to what she believed to be her true sorcerous form.

Under the guidance of our DM, Zac, Fluffy joined a cunning bard named Hanzi, a brooding witch hunter named Illgrim, and a simple but strong fighter named Geoff to help bring the true king to Dunadar’s throne and banish the elemental prophets of the Princes of the Apocalypse from the Dessarin Valley.

Fluffy’s story has been documented in her adventure logs. Excerpts have been compiled here for your enjoyment.


Geoff, Hanzi, Illgrim, Zomith, Graff

Campaign Appearances:

The Lords of Ealemorath (2015-2017)

 Damnatio Memoriae – Witch Hunt (January 2018-Present)