Sketchbook: Edmund, Human Warlock

Dungeons and Dragons Warlock

The Dungeons & Dragons 5th edition Fiend Pact warlock is built to play out in a selfish manner. Fiend patrons offer powerful attacks and evasive tricks that benefit oneself rather than the party. Add to that the stinginess that comes with limited access to spell slots, and Fiend Pact warlocks simply can’t help but look out for number one.

Edmund MacHalfred is a standard-issue human warlock: dark hair and goatee, five-foot-nothing, pact-bound to an unknowable horror, 120 pounds soaking wet. His first language is Common, but he cracks into Abyssal as easily as your grandmother switches to from French to English.

Though well-meaning, his lofty ambitions poisoned him at a young age and led him far away from the loving warmth of his home to the cold stone halls of the Amphail Temple. He came to serve in the Temple’s home guard as a scribe and speaker to the surrounding community. It was his job to keep the Temple in high regard with the town of Amphail and, more importantly, to put a good word in with the merchants passing through it.

Public opinion about the Temple was generally favorable, save for a few unflattering rumors. Any acolyte of the Orders would have gladly given his life to become a warlock to the Temple’s deity. By some twist of fate and cult politics, Edmund ended up doing just that.

In the wake of the Temple’s destruction, he sought distraction from his misery in the pursuit of wealth. As he struggled to comprehend and control the magic of his warlock pact, he did all he could to keep it a secret from his associates. It wasn’t long before the ladders of the Zhentarim began to feel endless. He prayed ever more frequently to his patron for a greater sense of meaning, knowing well from his years of worship at the Temple that Demogorgon does not acknowledge mortals.

It wasn’t long before a chance meeting gave him the opportunity to continue the Temple’s legacy. At the request of a man with a very unusual accent, he joined a shaky alliance of adventurers looking to stop the elemental cults of the valley.

In the company of Tom Baker, a human from a mysterious dimension called Alabama; Quel Thelas, an elf war veteran and cleric to Helm; Fredward, a stubborn and deadly deep gnome rogue; and Don Bassidy, a charismatic half-elf paladin with a plan for everything, Edmund is on a mission to defeat his patron’s enemies and rebuild Amphail Temple. Will the madness of Demogorgon consume him, or will he come to terms with the true nature of the Amphail Temple and let reason prevail?


Broon Feldspar, Tom Baker

Campaign Appearances:
The Baker’s Dozen (September 2016 – Present)
Princes of the Apocalypse
Homebrew: God Emperor Reagan’s America

Untitled Campaign (September 2017 – Present)
Homebrew: Amphail Temple setting


Visual Development

My D&D characters feature heavily in my sketchbooks. It can take a long time for me to figure out the details of what they look like, and that process is particularly well-documented for Edmund.