Arch (also known as Archimer) is like that character in your Dungeons and Dragons campaign who totally ignores the base stats they’ve rolled and distributes their experience points towards a random set of skills.

As an Art Director at a marketing firm, she creates and works within visions and plans for several brands, using her illustration skills on the really fun projects. As a Web Development Manager, she quickly figured out how to manage hundreds of client websites and their server needs. As a Department Chair for PortConMaine, she’s spent the past decade coordinating the convention’s artistic community and making sure the Artists’ Alley doesn’t burn down.

Her ambition leads her to wear many hats, some of which are actual hats and not just metaphors for things she knows how to do. One of them is actually helmet for a set of custom Star Wars armor she created as part of the Mandalorian Mercs Costume Club, for which she has also served as Head of the Art Department, managing a team of artists from all over the world.



Waffles the cat is the true brains behind the outfit, but don’t tell Arch.